"Game On! Rampage Simulators Unleash Thrills in New Zealand's Gaming Scene!"

In a thrilling opportunity last month, Mike Elkington and his dedicated team at Rampage Race Products embarked on an exciting journey across the ditch to the picturesque shores of New Zealand. Their mission? To set up four state-of-the-art race car simulators and one adrenaline-pumping flight simulator for a brand-new gaming centre poised to make waves in the heart of Geraldine. The gaming enthusiasts and motorsport aficionados of this quaint Kiwi town are in for an exhilarating treat!

A New Zealand Dream Unfolds

For months, whispers of a groundbreaking gaming centre opening its doors in Geraldine have rippled through the tight-knit community. The brainchild of local entrepreneur. Damon Odey, seized the opportunity to build a state of the art facility and redefine entertainment in the town.

Enter Rampage Simulators, whose reputation for delivering immersive experiences made them the natural choice for the simulation needs. It was a match made in gaming heaven – the perfect partnership to bring an electrifying dose of virtual racing and flight action to the heart of New Zealand's South Island.

Owner and Managing Director of Rampage Race Products, Mike Elkington says it was a big undertaking. "This was such a fantastic opportunity to work with Damon and help bring his vision to life. Ensuring all the parts arrived in New Zealand safely, and the installation went off without a hitch as our biggest task. But we're all stoked with how they look and can't wait for everyone to enjoy the whole experience."

The Simulators that Make Hearts Race

What makes the simulators from Rampage Simulators truly special? It's all about the attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection. The four race car simulators were meticulously crafted to replicate the feeling of being in the driver's seat of a high-performance racing car. With hyper-realistic graphics, responsive controls, and immersive sound, these simulators guarantee an unforgettable adrenaline rush for anyone who steps into them. Each simulator is a representation of four of New Zealand's most famous race car drivers. Take your seat in your favourite and race your friends. 

But that's not all – the pièce de résistance is the flight simulator. It's not every day that you find yourself soaring through the skies all of New Zealands stunning landscapes, or the streets of Rome, it's your choice. With the flight simulator supporting a virtual reality headset it promises to cater to a diverse range of thrill-seekers, from aspiring pilots to gaming enthusiasts looking for a change of pace.

A Community United by Passion

What sets this project apart is the sense of community it has fostered in Geraldine and the surrounding regions. It's more than just entertainment; it's a chance for people of all ages to come together, challenge each other, and create lasting memories.

Opening Soon: The Countdown Begins

The anticipation in the air is palpable, with the entire community eagerly awaiting the chance to experience the thrills of simulated flying and racing as well as many more attractions on offer, will be enjoyed without leaving their picturesque town.

Mike Elkington and the team at Rampage Simulators have brought the gaming dreams of Geraldine to life. Their dedication to delivering top-tier simulators promises to make the gaming centre a hub of excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences. As the countdown to the grand opening begins, all eyes are on this quaint New Zealand town, where virtual racing and flight adventures are about to take centre stage, thanks to the unstoppable force of Rampage Simulators.

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