Individual drink and coolsuit dry break fittings


Male 3/8 fittingMale 3/8 fitting
Female 3/8 fittingFemale 3/8 fitting
Male 1/4 fittingMale 1/4 fitting
Female 1/4 fittingFemale 1/4 fitting
Male 5/16 fittingMale 5/16 fitting
Female 5/16 fittingFemale 5/16 fitting

We have developed our own version of the popular quick connection dry break fittings with the same factory that made the old style.

Dry break is exactly the same , only difference is the mounting is now screw on instead of clamp on.

 These dry break fittings can connect you to the drinks system as well as the cool suit system in the car within seconds.

The dry break fitting allows drivers to quickly disconnect their drinks and cool suit tubing from the pumps together without any spillage, by just simply pulling the handle. Hence the name “Dry Break” fitting.

The Dry Break fittings come in three sizes:

1/4 inch  barb male or female

5/16inch  barb male and female 

3/8 inch  barb male or female

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size and style

Male 3/8 fitting, Female 3/8 fitting, Male 1/4 fitting, Female 1/4 fitting, Male 5/16 fitting, Female 5/16 fitting

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