Drink system cleaning fluid



Rampage Drink System Cleaner is a powerful food safe disinfectant/antibacterial/antimicrobial agent

Perfect for use in race car drink systems.

Use this after each race weekend to stop bacteria build up in the system and to clean out pumps and lines after use of hydralytes etc.

Helps for longevity of the equipment and to keep lines and tubes clean and clear so the water/fluid still tastes good.

Directions for use

  1. Add 2-3 drops of solution into the drink bottle 
  2. Fill the bottle with water and shake
  3. Place bottle back into drink system
  4. Place the quick connection into the outlet and press the drink button to drain out 3/4 of the water/solution mix.
  5. Make sure to leave enough water/solution mix in the system to fill drink tubes and leave in.
  6. When required for use again, fill the bottle with fresh water, and drain out the remaining water/solution mix from drink tubes.
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